Recent Research Projects with Internal Funding

      Institutional Researches

  1. Madanlo, L., Murcia, J.V., & Tamayo, A. (2017, May). Determining simultaneity of crime incidence in Mindanao.
  2. Cordero Jr, R. & Manayon, M. (2017, March). On the quasi-inverse of a non-square matrix: An infinite solution.
  3. Balacy, G.M., Cuevas, E. & Murcia, J.V. (2017, March). Determining college degree choices using multinomial logit analysis.
  4. Sucuahi, W. (2016, June). Effect of operating segments to the firm value of diversified listed companies in the Philippines.
  5. Layupan, A. (2016, February). The lived experiences of Bagobo women on maternal health care in Davao City.
  6. Salvador, L. (2016, February). Determinants of purchase decisions and willingness to spend on green products.
  7. Branzuela, N. (2015, February). Climate change impacts on water quantity of Talomo-Lipadas watershed areas in Davao City.
  8. Medina, M.N. & Cabras, A. (2015, May). Odonata fauna (damselfly and dragonfly) of Compostela Valley Province, Mindanao Island, Philippines.
  9. Rondina, L.C. (2015, February). Police-community relationship: Galatea effect.
  10. Cuizon, R. & Guinto, E. (2014, May). Making both ends meet: Landless farmers in the face of semi-feudal and semi-colonial Philippines.

    Action Researches

  1. Alarcon, A. & Cervantes, J. (2017, February). Determining optimum time in releasing student credentials using Poisson regression.
  2. Rabaca, B.H. & Ruiz, G. (2017, February). Evaluation of field trip activities as co-curricular program of Political Science students.
  3. Amar, C.A. & Sevilla, E. (2017, January). Bibliographic citation analysis of undergraduate research outputs.
  4. Candido, J. & Antepasado, M. (2017, January). Acceptability of automated retention advising system.
  5. Pesayco, T. (2016, September). Needs analysis of Accountancy students and professionals: Basis for module production.
  6. Cayogyog, A. (2016, March). Performance-based training effectiveness evaluation: Faculty retooling in focus.
  7. San Jose, A. & Galang, J. (2015, October). Teaching strategies in teaching Literature: A validation of teaching and syllabus content.
  8. Gajo, D., Pajota, E.L. & Arroyo, J.C. (2015, July). Developing an institutional research records management system for the University of Mindanao Research and Publication Center.
  9. San Jose, A. (2015, June). Incidence of adult dyslexic learners in the University of Mindanao: Basis for an intervention program.
  10. Tamayo, A. (2015, May). Determining the predictors of the Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam.