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Offical Cards Against Humanity //$a = explode(\".\", $txt1); //按点号分?, the name of barefoot, mining the largest one, and the boy sitting on the shore with the smell of sweet fragrance. The boy to participate in the activities of the age, the girl to copy the teacher s supplementary exercises, on the desk, but also carefully folded into a heart, Girls to go to the school on behalf of the game, the boy Chuaizhuo pocket money, escaped an afternoon class, rushed there for the girl quietly refueling. Pure age, pure love song. In the hearts of two people, the world suddenly become colorful, the day is like blue, the water is so green, the other side of the smile is so people intoxicated. Finally, things were known to the teacher. The two seats back to the previous day of the party, but two hearts, no longer can not stop the fall. But they all know that they are still small, learning is to block the two close to the biggest gap. So they began to sprint, although that time from the test only two weeks, but the two on each other, are full of confidence in their own, but also believe that God is not willing to open such a pair of crystal like offical cards against humanity pure Couple. Later, the test is over. The boy this time to the first successful resu.

I am here He was excited to push me, he offical cards against humanity is soft down to the side, and I have no choice to fall off the floor, issued a bang a loud noise, Yan Yan, you all right Where Heard such a big sound, he soon wake up, half of the body hanging outside the bed, stretched out offical cards against humanity his hand to explore, want to touch me. I looked at him in front of panic, all of a sudden ignorant, stare to sit on the ground. Yan Yan, answer me, where are you. Seeing offical cards against humanity he was about cards against humanity reject pack to fall out of bed, I was sober, quickly catch him. I am here, I am here He struggled to sit up, nervously along my face to touch, until the palm of your hand, fell no, sorry, I I patted his back, to appease this even if they suffer a greater pain will give priority to take care of my man, Nothing, I am nothing, rest assured Slowed my God, I immediately gave Zheng Shu called, Zheng Shu let him admitted to hospital. Two have no appetite, hurriedly drank the soup to desperately to the hospital rush. Zheng Shuan arranged the ward told me to go to hospital procedures, he immediately pushed him to check. I called Lee aunt and told her to send the meal tonight. And then a ass affixed to the sofa, Leng Leng.ourage to press the send button. What are you afraid of Just ordinary classmates blessing, why so hesitated Whether faint look forward, so afraid to see the same results That, what am I looking for Do you want to be safe Was shocked by this idea, I stared at the chest, can not believe that they will have such an immoral idea. No, I regret, I regret, but I will never despicable to take away the offical cards against humanity happiness of others. Like to be anxious to prove what, I suddenly grabbed the phone, hesitated for a moment, into the heart of the repeated development of the number. Thank you, and everything in the past. No matter when, where, really hope you are happy. Finally, the smiling face of the symbol, is with the small Murong Xue, curved brow straight laugh into the hearts of people. I hope he can be happy after seeing it. And other message sent successfully after the screen appears, I immediately turned off the phone. Immediately on the exam, and then look at the book Two hours of the exam is not difficult, in fact, I only took 40 minutes to answer all the questions. But until the bell rang at the moment, I slowly got up and left the classroom. The exam is. $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/^\\s+/m\', \'\', $txt2);

Offical Cards Against Humanity $k = 0;Will never forget that they finally sent me out of school when the door, a pair of tearful eyes. I came back to see you, and Ningxuan no relationship. Eyes gently stroked these three years to pay, although I can no longer do their classmates, but no one forget me. One day one of the jokes, exaggerated language, exaggerated action, the purpose of only one do not want me into a painful memories, do not want me from slump, do not want to let me feel and they are different, too obvious Of comfort, and fear of injury to my self esteem, had to pick up some anecdotes interesting, or gag a tease me laugh. How could they not know if they were careful cards against humanity expansion packs list Thank you for your letter, the number is too much, the problem is too much, all the reply is not want to be exhausted me ah Semi true and false complaints and aroused a frog called Hey, you re so talkless We care about you I want to know what kind of life is I only wrote two, or Pang Yue forced Well, I do not want to blame you ah. I also miss you, would like to, Nankai. Suddenly flesh cards against humanity we all quiet down, some embarrassed do not open face. For a time, the ear is full of oil on the playground sound, cri.