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Flesh Cards Against Humanity me. I did not say no, Well, give you catch it. I reached out and grabbed him on the face. good night good night Before going to sleep I also hazy to think I hope he had no cold, otherwise, tonight can be big trouble 4 Sunday, March 12th Sleep sleepy, really comfortable Stretching, twisting ass ah Awkward The man in the bed is so refreshing Well I quickly closed the mouth of the ostrich eggs, though he knew he was invisible, are you so early Oh, used to get up early. Really good habits Ten minutes later, when I was in the bathroom to take care and then come out, he had his own wheelchair ready to wash. I pushed him into the bathroom, to help him squeeze good toothpaste, put the wash water, they stood and looked. I saw him holding a toothbrush in one hand, one hand propped a wheelchair, upper body slightly forward, the hands of the green ribs protruding, you can imagine how much effort he can maintain a balance. Nevertheless, his pants still stained a little bit of toothpaste foam. I used a towel to help him rubbed and heard the sound of cloth friction, he asked me why, I said just brush your teeth dirty clothes. Oh, just did not wake up Let you. $txt2 = str_replace(\' .\',\'.\',$txt2);

t like a knife, I do not know is to pray Heaven or curse God good day How flesh cards against humanity about, and then sleep for a while Hard to calm down, I use warm water to help him paint dry sweat body, replaced the already wet pajamas pajamas. Well, please me, okay Well, I slept on his side and clung to his head and let him lean against my shoulder. Thank you, he said, he fell asleep at a low level. Holding him in his arms, I am also very relieved to fall asleep. Wake up, yo, a little faster. Open the door and found the table filled with food, Li aunt has gone. I took the food to the stove hot, went to call him to get up. Big lazy, eat up I flesh cards against humanity leaned on him slowly to sit up, Well now what time I have sleep so long Days are flesh cards against humanity all black. I heard, slowly look to the outside yin and gloomy weather, The chill bleeds from the heart. What s the matter, do not turn on the lights and stumble My feet a little soft, insisted the bed next to him to sit down next to him. Did not hear me answer, he also began to panic Yan Yan, is not I nodded my wood and thought that he could not see it The His hand a soft, I quickly hugged him, relying on me good, do not be afraid, nothing.s such a moment, I feel like being thunder in the same, you you you can see you If you really wear pink clothes, I think I can see it. Ah I screamed and ran out to call the flesh cards against humanity doctor. The doctor is preparing to work by me dragged him to check, unfortunately, but ten minutes, he returned to the dark. The doctor s explanation is that the congestion of his brain is scattered signs of silence, and now is not completely spread, so it will be temporary blindness. Anyway, finally see hope You just like a hell. Excuse me, how do you seem to have no reaction Can you see, are you upset I have long known that this morning when you help me massage, suddenly had a sense of light, flash, and no. Oh, the morning did not even up on cards against humanity uk for sale the hair Oh, you hide me No wonder he can catch my hand so accurately hateful Do not be angry, now I can not see it again, you can not drop me No matter what you are. Day Big man turned out to be so spoiled. However, see that he himself is also a lot easier, just because there is hope 9 Wednesday, March 22, 2006 These days the days are gloomy, like the rain at any time look like, but the boring for several days not over half a crazy Pang deep look at my eyes, after a while, only turned his head, muffled and said and so will you see it ten The meeting place is about a square in the northern area. Got out of the car, saw many students have arrived, three to five groups gathered in there. Pang Yue took cards against humanity uk my hand, in my ear ferocious flesh cards against humanity said and so will Ningxuan come, you first go with the good Otherwise, we must not spare you He must be broken heart, will allow Such a thing happened ah See the front of the silhouette, she exaggerated called out. Xu Yueyan see my expression surprised, there is no letter, but soon, she returned to calm, revealing a sign smile Welcome to you, we passed it Everybody is waiting. The student will be my initiated and organized, do not you to help me this squad leader busy. Greet yourself enough, other things, do not worry you bother what happened I am puzzled to see Pang Yue goes on more cold face, how can the tone so ridicule disdain Xu Xiaoyan really is not the type we like, admitted to the results of first class, never take a look at the class of students. Some people find her problem, she will only frown, that you will not, their.

Flesh Cards Against Humanity ant to give up Ningxuan Why Ningxuan told me that you broke up ah I did not listen to it Wang Wei How can you Brother lost, do not love to speak you really cruel Really can not spare time to reply. But, I think, if I do not go to Nankai to do the excitement of the speech, will definitely be the letter of these friends die dead. Just so, that s all right, but the distance between the two schools so close, no guarantee that the madman in the case of no place to vent will not kill one, with saliva drowned me. And so, it is better to take the initiative. Just the afternoon of the second day of the second class is physical education, casually write a fake, back to his alma mater to see it. Nankai door some history, and no dazzling sculpture to do decoration, simple iron door hanging a few already cooked in the heart of the bronzing brand C City garden units, municipal key middle school or that familiar old guard , Always happy to see us go to school, school Everything is so familiar, but it is not open legs. I have the most proud of the alma mater, I put all the passion and talent to the unreserved dedication to her. How to China has become a carnival night. As early as a week ago, the girls in the bedroom were excited to plan how to spend the romantic night tonight, friends and lovers, in such a night, is particularly precious. I stopped and faded the coat in my body and returned it to Ning Xuan Come on, she is waiting for you.Thank you for sending me back cheer some, you have always been strong. He stood quietly at night, staring at me for a long time, finally, light can not smell the sigh. Took over the jacket, glanced at my thin, brow again unhappy entangled. Do you learn to take care of yourself The hoarse voice does not diminish the tone of the tone. More familiar words Oh I reveal a trace of smile, the body of the cold is far less than the heart of the cold to the pressing. Knew he was a thoughtful boy, even if there cards against humanity rules is no relationship, will be selfless to pay attention. Such a boy, really rare ah, but unfortunately, I never know what treasure treasure. You, when back to Nanjing Very meaningless question, then an export, I have some regret. Know how and how difficult I can go off The day after tomorrow, three in the afternoon. That is no hope, that af.