College of Engineering Education

College of Engineering Education

The premier engineering school in the region with its Electrical Engineering Program the first to be granted Level IV Accreditation by PACUCOA. The Computer Engineering Program of the College is granted Center of Development status by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Most recently, the college was also certified with the Philippine Technological Council (PTC) for meeting international standards on engineering education. The PTC is the sole organization recognized by CHED to accredit engineering programs in the country.

Also, the University’s membership to the elite ASEAN International Mobility of Students (AIMS) Program is because of the untarnished reputation of its Engineering programs, the only university in the region that is qualified to be a member of AIMS.



Bachelor of Science in
Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineer
    Project Engineer
    Staff Engineer
  • Inspector
    Associate Engineer
    Owner/Partner in an engineering firm
  • Environmental Engineer
    City Planner
  • Traffic Engineer
Bachelor of Science in
Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical equipment sales engineer
  • Absorption and adsorption engineer
  • Technical Director, chemical plant
  • Brewery processing supervisor
  • Environmental epidemiologist
  • Public health microbiologist
  • Chemical design engineer
  • Facilities Design Engineer
  • Chemical Test engineer
  • Research Engineer
  • Polymer engineer
  • Process Engineer
Bachelor of Science in
Computer Engineering
  • Project manager/ engineer
  • Network engineer/ security/ administration/ consultant
  • Network software / firmware developer
  • Data communications engineer
  • Computer system software / Firmware developer
  • Automation design engineer
  • Embedded system engineer
  • Software tools developer
  • Test engineer
  • System analyst/ designer
  • Technical Support engineer
  • Research and development consultant/engineer
  • College Instructor
Bachelor of Science in
Electronics Engineering
  • Career in:
  • Robotics and Mechatronics
  • Electronics Design/ Industrial Electronics
  • Radio and TV Broadcasting / Telecommunications
  • Semiconductor Device Fabrications/ Manufacturing
  • Instrumentations and telemetry/ signal processing
  • Automation, feedback and Process Control
Bachelor of Science in
Electrical Engineering
  • Instrumentation control and control engineer
  • Power System Engineer
  • Illumination Engineer
  • Entrepreneur
    Sales Engineer
  • Distribution Engineer
  • Engineering Educator and researcher
  • Safety Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Construction and Project engineer
  • Electrical Design Inspector
Bachelor of Science in
Mechanical Engineering
  • Designer
  • Project constructor manager
  • Production supervisor
    Sales engineer/manager
  • Purchasing Officer
  • Maintenance supervisor /superintendent /manager
  • Fleet Superintendent
  • Mechanical contractor
  • Technical consultant/ professional practitioner
  • Mathematics Instructor
  • Self-employed business operator (Ice plant, machine shop and fabrication shop, transportation)
  • Factories, Shop, manufacturing establishments manager
  • Construction industry manager
  • Hotels, resorts, banks, malls and other commercial agencies consultant
  • Government Agencies head
  • Power Plants (thermal, geothermal, hydroelectric) engineer
  • Educational Institutions (college and universities) instructor
  • Fishing agriculture, transportation, military, and shipbuilding consultant