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Cards Against Humanity: Tech Edition te your lips and try to squeeze out a word What time is it Ningxuan faint glanced at me, ineffectively mouth, not a word. I do not know why, I actually feel a trace of anger. Stare back, I have some flawless, what is wrong Daoshi his side of the students walked over his head, kindly remind me classmates, your left hand with a bracelet Yes, the front of this ridicule smile and exactly a year ago. I still remember the bow when I saw the distress of the watch, refused to take the image, polite, U turn ran. Now want to come, afraid to be severely ridiculed some of it Fortunately, later is the alumni. I am cold opening, etiquette to do after you can let me free it. Zhao Yifeng, is it, after a hundred meters away to see you have to escape. I have been familiar with my name, he said, I am the best friend of Ning Xuan. Well, I live in Shengshi, a scenic spot called the Black Valley. Bang heart of the sound of Yi Chan. I am angry and stood up, moving too fast, so that breathing some hasty. Zhao Yifeng, you hate than I imagined. The university campus is big enough for me to spend the dinner before dinner on the night before the time. Do not know why, the.distorted, the heroine will appear in time. Or, she has been standing next to, just waiting for that moment all dirty I turned over and the awkward scene on the playground was again in my mind I hurriedly left his arms, turned around a beautiful girl standing on the roadside, biting his lower lip, big eyes faint staring at me. Very strange, I m sure I have never seen her, but why is there a feeling of deja vu Xiaoyuan I do not call you at home Ning Xuan s voice cold, vaguely reveals some impatience. I am a little worried about you know you will be in the playground, come over to see. The girl s eyes did not leave my face, that obsessive eyes made me feel very embarrassed. Really can not do wrong ah Cards Against Humanity: Tech Edition anybody to see their boyfriend and other girls hold together, will not turn a blind eye it Gently rubbing the stiff arms, I look back on the Ningxuan Samsam smile, ready to withdraw from the left. But, faster, the wrist was tightly clamped, a forbearing roar came from the ear Do you wear so much Ningxuan mouth sipped into a straight line, Xingmou micro squint, wild and dangerous expression. I am surprised Zhang mouth, this is his precurs.

own book it. So three years down, almost no one told her more than ten words, in addition to Ning Xuan, because they are members of the Olympic class. Thank you, you are too fast. I slightly nodded Xu Xiaoyan, Pang Yue let people too embarrassed. Pinch my arm, Pang Yue attached to my ear tone even worse When what silly good Their boyfriend almost robbed Also so naive What does that mean I did not have time to ask the export, everyone s attention has been approached in front of a taxi attracted the past. Sports shoes, jeans, white sweater, black jacket. Ning Xuan came out from the car, the afternoon sun outline his perfect outline, blooming a faint aperture. Slightly longer bangs, cover the pair of stars eye, but I still can feel that two shining eyes, through the crowd, firmly locked my body. Heart, and began to live up to the convulsions, breathing also become disorder not I am now look like afraid he saw my ugly once do not, do not read the Xuan, you come I wait for you for a cards against humanity day 8 long time Xu Xiaoyan quickly ran from behind, pulled Ning Xuan s left hand, laughing spring bright, but also intentionally turned ar.o not worry, there are more than two months time, we all will help you. Two months time, really not much ah For Li Yan, you must refuel I will always stay with you Fives A rare Cards Against Humanity: Tech Edition weekend, a rare bed of love. Mid term exam is over, next week back to school results. Tired for half a semester, the body of the bones are sour. On the high school, one than a death, I really do not know into the first one of the results of the exam will be how, self and the reality is two different things. Lying on the bed aimlessly thought, came outside the father and mother to open the door of the sound. Every weekend I go home, they must both dispatched, he sent a full Han full seats, not that I lost in school, I kept fresh to eat. Turned to get up, out of the bedroom, really saw the table full of meat dishes. Mom, what to eat at Cards Against Humanity: Tech Edition noon ah Although there is no appetite, or spirited flip on the table of vegetables. Weekend is also very rare for parents, seven o clock in the morning to get up to buy food, for the family is not the first small lazy pig. Fingers fiber, no matter to produce, in addition to eat, I seem to have no other contribution to this home. More tha.o say still off. Want to say still off, but the road is cool a good autumn Xin Qiji From childhood on the fall has a special feeling. Perhaps those who complain about the grudge of the book to see too much to see the Manchuria, think of last night westerly withered tree scenario, will uphold the sigh. But mostly because C City is no spring, winter is a hot summer. Winter is too cold, the summer is too hot, only Shu Shuang Shuang autumn can be used to hurt the injury. After the second half, the class to restore the high school students should have vitality and vitality. Are love to play the big children, less the pressure of the exam, the empty will jump out of the youth of the passion. Parents have a vacancy in the class. Murong granule no longer go home, every weekend are nest in my house, with cartoon ah comics what. Often holding the irrigation blue master laughing tears. Usually made a crazy like reading, every little question will ask Li Yan, he did not say anything, very patient to answer even the most basic problem. Several test scores have improved, which is a good thing for her right Only, in the absence cards against humanity like games of time, she will sit for a long ti.

Cards Against Humanity: Tech Edition oing hacking on your computer No, just help the unit get some system programming only now catch the thief to die, only by the computer to feed themselves slightly I said that you are a computer master Well, my computer hung up for more than a month, I can not find people to rescue Really 26 Wednesday, May 3, 2006 sunny Today the weather is rare and good, early in the morning he woke up, I propose and he went to the park park to sit in the sun. Half an hour later, I pushed him to the district park, it may be everyone travel, the district people than usual a lot less. No other people strange eyes, he also relaxed a lot. I sat on his opposite swing, cocked his feet, gently swinging. Most of his body was in a wheelchair, his elbow was on his handrail, his weak legs were loosely placed on the pedal, and his lips were covered with a dark blue thin, even if it did not hurt him Handsome, pale skin, slightly tilted eyes, laughing will be slightly wrinkled nose, thin lips no bloody, wide shoulders, if he can stand up, must be a man s gold figure inverted triangle. Think of the photo wearing a police uniform, I do not know what the taste. Breeze blowi.familiar back on the stage carrying a chair, it is enthusiastic, it is busy. The enemy will be a narrow road ah Since there are so some coolies, I will not have to join in the fun. Looking for a chair to sit down and start counting how long I have not seen this unusual alumni. Well, fear of three months he forced me that time or in the school when it Oh, he is too busy than I am not see it. Put the last music stand, he patted the hands of the thin dust, turned around. See my leisurely sitting when the supervisor, not very happy sip Minzui, take my legs big step came to me. Look, your Cards Against Humanity: Tech Edition life is good. Rested to my seat in front of the back, he indifferent opening, tone quite displeased. I can not help but laugh, this boy so stingy ah If you feel very unfair, big deal, the next cleaning Cards Against Humanity: Tech Edition work by me. Hands chest, he narrowed his eyes, looked at me, seems to cards against humanity 3rd edition want to smile through that straight into my heart. I was aware of that vigorous eyes under the hidden anger, not very clear eyes wide open, back to him a innocent and harmless eyes. Is it unforgivable to do that without labor For a long time, he sighed, slowly opening Ning Xuan disease, almost.