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Cards Against Humanity Target honors and princes have she won I have countless numbers. Can only recall that whenever the curtain on the stage opened, whenever you hear the loud voice The following is Nankai high school violin Qi , the heart filled with deep pride, sense of responsibility, because I was Nankai people However, a transcript, thin as a wing, easy, deprived me as the right of Nankai people, denied my three years of all efforts, life and life to me out of the door of Nankai. Holding it away from the school that moment, I know, no longer able to return to the same identity here, and I know, since then, I just outside the campus hurriedly passing the street, across the walls of the stone bar, Sound, light laughter Memory tide, causing a burst of dizzy, chest nausea, leaning on the wall, my weak eyes closed once again overestimate their own. How could the cards against humanity target pain be healed so soon Still can not accept ah Wang Wei sharp soprano cards against humanity target sounded. Do not have to see, is to know the junior high school long Pang Yue. I opened my eyes and my heart began to be silent for myself. Pang Yue, He Wen, Lu Mingchuan, Qi Zhe like my junior high school all the buddies I laughed for a few months, the first time so sincere smile Do not worry about me, I am now very good. One is also very good, and I have to pay a good friend. Will not we think so young Embrace Pang Yue, embrace He Wen, hug boys on the free. Look at their eyes, I firmly promise three years later, I must be ten times better than now Thank you, I will use strength to prove that you do everything for me is worth it, I Will let Nankai regret to lose me such a good student. So, I have to spend a lot of time learning, I and Ning Xuan we do not mention, okay Wang Wei, borrowed under the English notes. Front of Li Yan turned to me said. Is found in the book heap, next to the Murong particles hurried out of the notebook, stuffed to Li Yan That, I, I also copied very good, you borrowed me. Thanked. Took the book, Li Yan Yang raised his lips, turned back. I was aiming at the side of the heart of the heart, secretly laughing out of the honey to the little girl. This situation lasted two or three weeks, slow as I, but also all understand the heart. In the hope of Bi Lake Well what Stumbled looked at me, not just from the excitement i.

ning review method, they are a good group real cards against humanity of girls, good smile encouraged me to step closer test. cards against humanity pack 6 Unconsciously, I gradually into their lives, just a few days I received the friendship, more than the entire semester are more. After a day of dinner, under the leadership flesh cards against humanity of the eldest sister, they even made some guidance on my hair put me and hip long hair, in the ear side do not have a small card. On the high school later did not cut the hair, it is not that leisure care, micro volume hair always makes me feel a headache, every morning hastily comb a horsetail, and then any one weed flying all day. Can do the bedroom girl does not agree, that I like this hair spread out will be customs million, bar in the back but it will appear messy. Ning Xuan also said similar words, so the third year that year, I almost did not tie the cards against humanity target hair. But to the high school no idea to show off the style. Now, I once again put down the long hair, for, is still the same person ah. When I put a brown hair into the library, attracted a surprised eyes, so the length of the exaggerated fear is already no beauty, only people feel surprised Bale. In full view, I did not have the.not finished, that boy pushed him hard to rub up to rub up Oh finally we went back to the door of the shopping center The I and he froze there facing the silly boy, really dumbfounding Ha ha ha ha ha ha until the car, I also lying on the steering wheel laughing Too funny, actually there are such people After dinner, I sent him back to the hospital. Thank you, I am very happy today, this is the first time I have been injured since going out Oh, I am also very happy, the next day free time I ll accompany you out. Back to the halfway, the phone rang, is he Just sent him into the showers, is not there any problem Quickly press the answer Yan Yan, thank you to accompany me through a happy birthday, really what What is his birthday today No wonder You lie to me, bastard 15 Sunday, April 2, 2006 I woke up early in the morning and did not want to come up in bed. Saying last night back halfway to know the truth, I immediately went to the cake shop to buy a cake, kill him back to the horse gun Hey hey knock on the door, Happy birthday He was half lying on the bed, staring at me at the door of surprise. Do you have a surprise Silly Y.poured from the head of a bucket of ice water, cool to the heart. Yes, we had nothing, was not it Everything is back to the origin. 17 Wednesday, April 12, 2006 These days I was waiting for his phone, yes, I bet on him in the end there is no care about me, even when I was a sister Ye Hao. Dad may have received any wind in the hospital, knocking on the sidelines to stab me, my mother sitting in the side, and did not speak. I understand what they mean. I am a solitary daughter, has always been a cards against humanity target cards against humanity target favor in one, my parents want me to marry a healthy, optimistic, rich, pamper my husband, good has been happy to go on. It was hard to let them accept the fact that I fell in love with a bad man. But love is love, and this is not within my control, I have no way I can not stay home, I want to run back to school for a few days. Is indeed my parents, know that I want to calm, not only do not stop, but also personally drove me back to the dormitory. 18 Saturday, April 15, 2006 Do not have to work today, in the dormitory also stuffy panic, simply a person stroll on the street. Unknowingly came to the shopping center, familiar places, familiar people flow, but on.

Cards Against Humanity Target r legs, hard to bother, my heart to severely pain up. Doctors explain as much as possible to let him half a bed rest, so his breathing will be more smooth, but it greatly increased the burden on the waist. Sure enough, fish and bear s paw can not have both In order to make him sleep comfortable, I put him down for two hours, to help him turn over, and then press the hips with safflower oil. Maybe it is acquiescence, maybe it is powerless, he does not stop me. We did not destroy this quiet atmosphere. One day, he woke up for a while and sleep in the past, I did not dare to leave, for fear that he and what the situation. When I really do not want to graduate. 6 Wednesday, March 15, 2006 After two days of raging, hateful cold air finally pack up the baggage ready to leave. Wake up early, fresh air, sunny, but still chilly. Really is a good day for consumer complaints, go to the hospital must be packed with the need to consult and provide services to people. Traffic police busy commanding traffic, watching them busy figure, I suddenly felt a little pity, ye did not let me early encounter with his uniform Really Open a long absence of small sheep fi.nary behavior, I really do not know how such a perfect boy will like me Is it intentionally funny to tease him Or make fun of my ordinary little woman A pink scarf shook in front of me, and I looked at him in surprise. He has started a scarf, very natural around my neck. Color is equipped with your coat, but 50 yuan of things, certainly not as warm as the warm, will look at it. Carefully hit a knot in my chest, in a closer look at whether it was tight , And finally, he was satisfied with the smile, gently brush off my front of a ray of distribution, eyes full of gentle. My body can not move, my eyes can not leave his face. That smile is so gentle, shallow as the crescent moon, faint like the wind, but exudes a fatal temptation the original handsome as angelic face, and this wiping smile, instant glorious, grabbed me all The breath I know my face must be stupid, because I see his smile thicker but I really do not want to remove the eyes so a perfect face his face in the My eyes slowly zoom, slowly, gently a warm on my lips u there is a trace of mint fragrance, is his favorite green arrow it.