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Cards cards against humanity price Against Humanity Price in the serious illness also did not forget to remind me to take care of their own boy, a fifteen years old to the cowardly gave me the ring boy, one can use life to protect me, love me, hurt my boy. Wang Wei, you finally know that he missed something. I m sorry, Ning Xuan now the body is not suitable for conversation, please wait for him after a good fight again. The other rushed to finish this sentence, my ears only the phone hanging after the monotonous blind tone. Head buried in his hands, let the tears out of the water. I have a blank mind, that moment, I tasted the taste of regret. thirteen Sleepless nights. When the next day in the library again with Zhao Yifeng encounter , I had to overturned, trying to hide his eyes embarrassing. Fortunately, he uncharacteristically quiet, but quietly watching their textbooks. But it is me, in the side of the show repeatedly, many times have cards against humanity price to the mouth, literally to the students swallowed down. I would like to ask you to help me. Close the book, he turned his head, know the Christmas held in the campus singer contest it This is our college student contractors, and now a moderator I would like to.So I react, people have been in the elevator. He pushed his own wheelchair and slowly walked. How a person out ah Really I pushed the wheelchair forward, and he looked back at me Is not Saturday a rest I ll see why he is here now. Hear. You do not want to see me so much No, you think so. He rushed back to explain to me, forget the body of the center of gravity instability, the upper body all of a sudden forward I hugged his shoulder and helped him sit. Such a struggle, his legs fell to the ground. I put down the hand brake, came to his squat, put his legs back to the pedal, finishing blankets. Do you finish the phone to me, okay Looked up at him. it is good. I did not give me the next call, afraid he put me pigeons, I rushed to the rehabilitation room ran. Whirring call I hold the door straight breathing, really terrible From the door to see him still, I was relieved. He wore a set of limbs, armpit support crutches, slowly trying to move the body. In fact, any auxiliary limbs for him only exercise the role, there is no substantive walking effect. For a while, exercise ended, I pushed the door into, pretending to arrive. Done yet Well, he.

the exercise, the hand strength will be restored a little more, at least self care. T4 parts Hurt very heavy No wonder will suffer from falling pheasant pneumonia, the disease many long term bedridden patients will be strokes. I gently massage his back, could not bear to ask. Do you read care Yeah, or how will you come here to practice it Slot, I said the wrong thing. He does not speak. Come, I help you turn over, and then help you move the legs. Just Yao sister, two people to help him overturned is not difficult, and now I am a little bit of trouble, and cards against humanity price see him stand up at least 178 it. I took his right leg first, holding his waist, slowly over his shoulder. Slowly, do not worry He leaned on the bed to borrow some of the force, my hands should pay attention to balance. Paralyzed patients should be especially careful, the incorrect turn of the resulting shear force can cause bed sores. Call, fixed up I m so heavy, trouble you. Do not say this, this is what I have to do, make you uncomfortable, you do not take it strange. Oh I took a quilt cover his upper body, sat down to the bed to help him massage feet, Do not He.tside is very good I am so bored good and evil, and finally wait until he nodded. I know, in fact, he did not want to go out, just afraid of trouble to others. I went to borrow a wheelchair, slowly helped him up, pulled his hand on my shoulder, his other hand on the bed, and then forced cards against humanity 9 11 together, finally took him into the. His waist did not feel, can not balance, I had to use a fixed belt to keep his waist fixed, let him slide down. Put a blanket on his lap. Came to the garden, the sun in the sun shines on the body warm. I let him stand up with a cane and I lean in front. His T4 parts of the following is a complete dysfunction, slender legs shaking, the soles of the feet a little bit sagging, little effort did not drag on the grass, the whole person is a pair of crutches hold up, hard to stand , the fundamental One step can not go. But lower extremity weight loss can slow the occurrence of osteoporosis, activities can improve the blood, lymph circulation, promote the two will be excreted, and give him the feeling of walking upright, resulting in a strong psychological support. So despite hardships, or to do. Fortunately, these he ha.e. I was furious with their head up, they quietly slipped out from the box. Outside the air really good ah The city is full of exhaust and dust, at first glance here full of leaves and muddy smell of air, my lungs also panic trembling. In the forest entrance to find a large stone, clean and very suitable for people to sit, that is, the temperature of the night cold night, thick down jacket can not withstand the cold ah. A coat from behind the draped over me, turned his head, is a tall and tall, back to the moonlight, can not see his face expression. How did you come out, not sing The quiet moonlight made me have the desire to communicate. It s too noisy to come out and breathe. Smile on the lips. I do not know how it is, maybe this beautiful night lifted my impulse, perhaps depressed too long for the release of pleasure, I gently opened the mouth, with a thick smile want to hear a story I did not come out with someone else. Even the breath from cards against humanity 2016 black friday the back came, and my thoughts, has been drifting back to the fragrance of the season. The The A girl, with the first school results into their dream of secondary school, to become a happy junior high school.

Cards Against Humanity Price h you, and I do not want to develop friendship. Zhao Yifeng pick high eyebrows, revealing a trace of strange smile Interest and friends can slowly cultivate ah. Said, stretched out his right hand, spread out, flat on the air. What is it I am puzzled look at the beggars money posture. This person, it sucks cards against humanity price I want to pull you to go or their own to go He easily smiled, his eyes can not stand cards against humanity price seriously. Day, as much as such a rogue boy I whispered, afraid to look at the hand, some knot knot. Grace Clutches and stretched forward an inch, seeing that will hit my back. Hastily step back. Adjust the breath, I looked up staring at him ten seconds, once again bow. He is not a joke, rogue overbearing, I am in a weak position. I ll go with you. The result of the power is that half an hour later, I gloriously become a member of the three societies, spend me thirty dollars. The abominable initiator waved to me and smiled at the sun There was class in the afternoon, and I went first and remember the activities of the community Why would he promise him I laughed at my smile, bow, looked at the small hand just arrived. Literary society, music association, English a.uth of Ning Xuan speak out, how beautiful, how warm, but it does not belong to me Zhao Yifeng quietly staring at me, eyes a gentle. It s time for you to take it again, is not it I sit in front of the phone, heartbeat, the hands of a small piece of paper has been quickly crumpled. Yes, I should take it once. To escape for so long, but also try to face up to their feelings, it is the time to face everything. Pick up the phone, hold your breath, fingers gently shake the shake of the 0 Beep beep The sound of the smooth opening almost made my heart out of my throat. Hey How, how is a female voice I am stunned, is it wrong Hello, who is it The urging of the microphone over there urges me to know what to do, Zhang mouth, mechanical replied I, I find Ning Xuan. Ning Xuan he is sick, ah, which is you As cards against humanity examples if all of a sudden being emptied, I suddenly almost could not hold the microphone. Yeah, who am i He said that if we were not a couple, nothing was there. That, now how do i answer your girlfriend Ningxuan Hey, you do not speak Do not, Ning Xuan you do not a burst of messy sound came, followed by the phone the other en.