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Cards Against Humanity Kwanzaa ck. To more than 7 pm, that guy actually burned began to talk nonsense, sweat face are, head restless twist to twist. I took two towels round to help him wipe sweat too late. The doctor came up to check him, said he was due to long term bed resting pneumonia caused by cold and become the current lung infection. Needle water, oxygen cards against humanity cheaper than alibaba machine, suction device, all items are put on the ward. And so the doctor so account for a doubled, have more than 8 o clock, I thought I had not eat dinner, so quickly went to the downstairs restaurant to buy a sandwich, milk and porridge. Whirring call ran back to the ward door, suddenly heard a loud noise, I quickly pushed into the door. I saw him lying on the bed, hand clutching, the original placed cards against humanity kwanzaa in the table of needle water, suction device, a cup of scattered. Damn, I forgot to put those things a little farther. I carefully crossed the glass, holding his hand, righting his body, what s the matter I am sorry. Hush, that is sorry for me, I am too careless. I was originally trying to drink water, do not know I did not put things out, I was not good, there was no injury No. I gave him a glass of water, I.place, used to be a small family area, family area behind, is a woods, quiet poplar forest. And where I stand now, three years ago is also a bus station, but behind the district is only some low bungalows, through those winding alley, you can direct my alma mater s back door. C city directly under the jurisdiction of a large number of road traffic restructuring, many of the vehicle lines and grades have changed. Like in my side, is the 802,220 two car station, and three years ago, here is the 216 car exclusive station. 216 road station. Yes, it is here. Although this line has been changed into two cars, 216 grades also quit people s memory but this number, how can I forget That year s summer, cards against humanity uk edition every night when the lanterns, there are always two small figure in this simple, no sunny, no seat of the station. Sometimes they talked and talked about the school, talk about life sometimes they did not say anything, only quietly standing side by side, watching a car passing by, in the lights dim light, secretly Aim at each other s look. Ten minutes, the car will always be punctually stopped in front of them. Almost all the drivers are very familiar.

and then sleep it Wang Wei Pang pian red ears panting, broke into my bedroom, apart from anything else to pull me up from the bed, and then whirlwind rushed down the stairs, squeezed into a taxi, fast even with the family greeting The time is not. Where are you going to take me Although it was used to their impulses, it was so strange that it was the first time. Students will She told the driver after a place name, turned his head stare at me. My classmates do not know what you do not say nothing to pull me out My hair is messy, my clothes or the mountains that thick down jacket, sleepless, believe my eyes than the panda Still black From head to toe, I do not have any point to go out, let alone to see those junior high school students Those admitted to Nankai High School Stop I am a little angry, even good friends should not be so casually, do not consider my mood. You have to go Pang Yue s anger is bigger than me, What did you do in the end Ning Xuan how will become so You two have not quarreled, have to make each other scarred Ning Xuan how Originally, I do not like their own despair, the original heart to hear his heart or will.ven think that cards against humanity vs joking hazard in front of me is a spit bright red letter, at any time rushed to the snake. The human heart will be so ugly The Can not be tolerated, and I stared at her eyes, word by word, said Murong really do not care about leisure, otherwise, how can you climb from the idlers to the present position or stepped on the master s shoulder up You seems to be stepped on the tail of the mouse, facial features instantly twisted together. But I can not appreciate her skin, because the back came a moan Well I turned my head at once. Murong granules slowly opened his eyes, see the furnishings of the room, a moment of loss, and then see the bedside me, gradually wake up, eyes full of deep fear and uncomfortable. Wei low dumb voice with a deep crying. I tried to squeeze out a straightforward smile, hand probe her forehead The doctor said you still have a fever, is not feeling uncomfortable, do not drink water cards against humanity kwanzaa She sucked his nose, gently shook his head, eyes fell on the door, the original cowardly expression gradually faded, instead of I have never seen the calm without waves. Auntie she opened her mouth low. Grain, from now on I am no lo.with them, and that two glass dolls as a transparent villain, always shy smile on them, less than seven is reluctant to any car. Until the last part of the west ray of light was swallowed by the dark, until the opposite window faintly came the national anthem, the girl was turned, gently Road, goodbye , and then set foot on the night before the arrival of the last class car. Outside the window, is a can not bear to leave the figure, far from looking, until the car disappeared in the corner. 16 year old immature cards against humanity kwanzaa years, he did not have the courage to send their beloved girl to the door, only across the window, silently cards against humanity kwanzaa pass the last day of love. A station full of memories a deep baked into the heart of the line how can I remember it How could this be The I am so standing in the twilight, any late wind trouble long hair. The wind must be sandwiched with small gravel, otherwise, how will fans my eyes Looking around, palm lamp hours, home passers by color hurry. In the torrents of people coming and going, I can not see the shadow of Ningxuan, crowded crowd, no that I am familiar with the face. I looked up and looked around, but no

Cards Against Humanity Kwanzaa text one The city of September was so hot that it was suffocating. Bypass the school in front of the colored shuttle bus, I finally walked into a door. In front of a veritable avenue, both sides of the trees are tilted to the heart, dense leaves dowel into an arch of the Peng, the sun through the leaves and branches of the gap, lazy sprinkled on the road, the summer heat suddenly digested a few Minute. Oh, one in this way on the table We welcome the trees on the road are still too small, can not block the summer sun What time is it Second day At that time I am proud and conceited evaluation. Next to who else Small as Meijia still is Meng, I dumped the shakes, can not think, absolutely can not. Said to bury everything, burned the diary and the card, the memory should also be dusty. High school student, is not it Mom looked at me silently. Blindly into the bustling teaching building, found the G class. The classroom has come a lot of people. The color of the desk is not the same, the top of the blackboard is not hanging flag, strange faces strange smile, everything remind me that this is in one The Mom pulled me and laughed to a girl We are coming t.t a sentence, consider and then answer you. Then turned and ready to leave. At least, please give cards against humanity kwanzaa me a place where quiet tears In fact that can not solve any problems. Low voice, no longer smooth tone, your eyes best to use cold water to apply it. How long did it take the mirror But every morning rush Akira, the rest of the time is not dare not hang around in front of the mirror, the bedroom several famous girl, there is good reason to occupy it, carefully take care of their beautiful wings. Some ashamed of it, that full of tenderness honey is it like me how can the pale girl Eyes swollen pain, I doubt the eyes began to congestion again. Took a round mirror, the first thing that catches the eye, was actually a strange face. Thin cheeks without a trace of bloody, lip color bleak white, expression of wood, the whole face of the only red actually swollen eyes from the swollen eyes. Abruptly throw away the mirror, I actually can not face myself. Is that a 19 year old girl s face Haggard was not the slightest angry. Why i will become so ah What did I lose in the last three years The The same time, the same place, the same seat. F.