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Cards Against Humanity Kickstarter o not worry, there are more than two months time, we all will help you. Two months time, really not much ah For Li Yan, you must refuel I will always stay with you Fives A rare weekend, a rare bed of love. Mid term exam is over, next week back to school results. Tired for half a semester, the body of the bones are sour. On the high school, one than a death, I really do not know into the first one of the results of the exam will be how, self and the reality is two different things. Lying on the bed aimlessly thought, came outside the father and mother to open the door of the sound. Every weekend I go home, they must both dispatched, he sent a full Han full seats, not that I lost in school, I kept fresh to eat. Turned to get up, out of the bedroom, really saw the table full of meat dishes. Mom, what to eat at noon ah Although there is no appetite, or spirited flip on the table of vegetables. Weekend is also very rare for parents, seven o clock in the morning to get up to buy food, for the family is not the first small lazy pig. Fingers fiber, no matter to produce, in addition to eat, I seem to have no other contribution to this home. More tha.g to the second, he relaxed. I thought for a while, and turned back to go, sleep, I accompany you. This is the next turn he refused. Oh a burst of unsightly sound sounded, even my stomach are protested, Well, you listen to music, I came back after dinner. I left my phone down, put MP3, then went out. When I went down to the restaurant, the poor father was hungry before the back of the chest. Really, I would like to invite me to dinner and not make an appointment earlier. He was a traffic police last year, he was injured because of public injury, injuries are too good, how discharged how long, brain congestion oppression of the nerve, and now his eyes A sense of light is not, as he did not care how to do this situation His unit said to ask individuals to take care of him, he did not want to live and die, that do not want to live like a waste, it had to by the hospital Come to find a cards against humanity kickstarter nurse slightly. Hum this father also said to take care of me, this is clearly tailored for my circle, but I did not feel the slightest angry, but feel more sad. Half an hour later, I stood at the entrance of the ward, he seems to have fallen asleep, quiet.

you It was easy to plug the stomach tube, I sat on the bed to give him Khan, he opened his mouth to say what ah Do not worry, I accompany you, I am not tired. Kiss his thin face Gap, tears cards against humanity kickstarter in the eyes of the rotation, while he did not pay attention, quickly bowed to wipe. Do not cry I nothing He wanted to lift my hand to wipe my tears, to the half empty suddenly lost, I quickly pulled his hand, rubbed my face I know, you are very strong, very good, I know you have to rise and I go Maldives honeymoon it I will be strong, do not cry, do not cry. He nodded slightly, smiled and made a lip I love you This time, my tears fell even more powerful, I know, I love you, very, very love you, so you have to strong point, ok, know He nodded, tears streaming out one by one. cards against humanity kickstarter I bowed my head and gently kissed this precious tears. Okay, take a break, I m here, stay with you. He took my hand, obediently closed his eyes. Finally, he fell asleep, very stable, two days did not sleep well, iron cards against humanity kickstarter people can not stand ah I am also not sleepy, lying on the bed muddleheaded asleep. I do no.$k = 0;much, and he went to walk and not wear pieces of clothes. Knowingly Do not blame her, is my own from her. What are you mad at me I bang soon shut the door and ran out. This time there may be impulsive to run. Ran two or three thousand meters finally vent my anger, while running side to think, why I was so angry Until finished, replaced clothes, and returned to the ward I did not think clearly. This guy hangs the needle is not resting it I do not know how to feel the bed Why do you want to say Uh, is clearly the sound of my sudden scared, no to see him flushed, is not going to the bathroom He nodded slightly. I cards against humanity here grabbed his hand, Do not tamper with. Just Yao sister gave him access to the catheter, and I let the clip loose, about what in his lower abdomen press, urine slowly came out, Thank you Oh, I cleared, sat back to him, pulled a sheet of paper to help him wipe. Look at him very poorly, my anger also disappeared almost. Do not hide anything next time, okay At that time, he was 27 years old, he was like a child s well behaved. Sleep, I am here. He grabbed my hand, even should not be asleep. He is sober to wait for me to come ba.

Cards Against Humanity Kickstarter porarily closed his mouth. I am very lucky, just have a more relationship with the father, and then effortlessly to help me find the internship unit, I threw me into the internship, but I do not know how to do it, Nurse long there tune tune , so they are so polite, father back to his own office, and I began my internship career. You first come with me to familiarize yourself about the environment. So, I bounce with Yao sister behind the leader to go. Yao sister took cards against humanity dirty me around, basically I see her operation, do not have hands. Followed by wearing several wards, to the 25th floor, in front of a ward to stop, Yao sister said to me You have to carefully look at my care of this patient, from tomorrow you have to take over. Push the door in. A very sunny man half lying on the bed. Yes, yes, this man is really sunny, although his skin is pale. Nice eyebrows, pretty nose, thin lips, a look is not particularly good but very comfortable feeling. How do you feel today Yao asked easily. Is Yao sister He slightly toward the cards against humanity players direction of the door side of the side. My heart suddenly hurt cards against humanity kickstarter a bit, very strange feeling. He can not see My mouth is always faster than t.guy Junior high school, the first time in the month was Ning Xuan kiss success, red turned his face, like anger anger of the light exclusion bad guys From small to cursed how many people bad guy Angry tone, laughing tone break my favorite mug, steal my favorite fruit, waiting for half an hour in the hot sun and then put the pigeons, even in the bus by BT steal ass, all Anger does not add to the impulse to kill that moment. Bastard you do not deserve a man rage made me lose my mind, clenched his lower lip, let the tears of tears fall. There was a silence in the classroom. All eyes gathered on me. Including the class teacher. Wang Wei, Li Yan Come to my office The podium came a roar. Damn Turned his head and saw an iron face. If you do not speak, then how will end You do not know their own in the classroom do not you He Cheng angry back, walked back and forth in the office, this is his typical symbol of angry. I bowed my head, very impatient to listen to his nagging. Out of the classroom that moment, Mu grain did not lift his head. It makes me worry. The uneasiness of the heart is getting deeper and deeper. Afraid of somethin.