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Cards Against Humanity Enjoy not finished, that boy pushed him hard to rub up to rub up Oh finally we went back to the door of the shopping center The I and he froze there facing the silly boy, really dumbfounding Ha ha ha ha ha ha until the car, I also lying on the steering wheel laughing Too funny, actually there are such people After dinner, I sent him back to the hospital. Thank you, I am very happy today, this is the first time I have been injured since going out Oh, I am also very happy, the next day free time I ll accompany you out. Back to the halfway, the phone rang, is he Just sent him cards against humanity enjoy into the showers, is not there any problem Quickly press the answer Yan Yan, thank you to accompany me through a happy birthday, really what What is his birthday today No wonder You lie to me, bastard 15 Sunday, April 2, 2006 I woke up early in the morning and did not want to come up in bed. Saying last night back halfway to know the truth, I immediately went to the cake shop to buy a cake, kill him back to the horse gun Hey hey knock on the door, Happy birthday He was half lying on the bed, staring at me at the door of surprise. Do you have a surprise Silly Y.can not stand to escape it. 12 Wednesday, March 29, 2006 He turned over, Yao sister did not let me fixed care that a room, just to be called a four of the mobile personnel, where to go where to go, most of the time very leisurely. Although it is idle, but always have to stay in the post on standby. Plus with his departure, some things are gradually clear up, I have not prepared to face, so he turned to the past few days, I have not seen him. Little bungy pig, fed your stomach Are you piggy Are you eating, are you No one has come over. Do not cards against humanity enjoy you, where people are dead, do not send you Are you hungry Well, not hungry. Are you busy Know his deep meaning, I am saying a little bit Put down the phone, I thought, or do not trust, decided to take the lunch time to see. Ran half a garden, came to the sanatorium downstairs, asked the room number was up. Along the way, I saw a lot of people who embraced the equipment to walk, I think he should be more motivated here. Very polite to knock on the door, please heard the voice of thinking at night, really want to kick the door to break into the door, but in order to maintain the image, or hold back

class with you. I like you. Tone firm. I can not believe it, so shy she should be so bold here to declare He laughed and lamented Little girl. I can not like you for making such a big decision. Enough Huo stood up, I looked panicked Mu Mu granules. Face no bloody face, empty eyes glowing tears, trembling, kept trembling. God, she is only 16 years old A 16 year old homeless child Even her last hope, the last trace of fantasy should be so cruel to take it What did she do wrong what The 16 years old, not should there be a pattern of smile, the mood of the pattern Not should be nestled in the arms of their parents, well behaved spoiled, in the moonlight hazy, sweet and shy to tell the companion mind The Is not it The Mu Rong Qi could not stop trembling like hanging in the treetops of the last piece of yellow leaves, swing in the autumn a little trembling body. Yellow leaves, will eventually disappear in the wind nameless fear of my swallowed There is a blank moment in my mind, and there is a moment of breath. A child, in order to a sugar, with his brother fight, clutching his scratched arm, wah wah cry You are a bad.ccident after the medical expenses are units Out of the way, almost did not move in case I go, the money you get well, go where you want to go loose, know I like this situation is not possible to take you to travel. Yourself, to find a healthy and healthy man good hurt you, happy life, I will bless you in the above Also, you soon graduated, if you can not find a job, you can find Chen team to solve, I told him to mention you, he said he can arrange for you into the police school clinic, although not a civil servant, but there is a job there is a sustenance Ye Hao. I broke down in tears, can only keep shaking his head. No, you will not have anything, you will be able to spend this hurdle, and then live happily with me, is it I m sorry, sorry, scared you, I promise you, I will try, ok Well, let s work together 28 Tuesday, May 9, 2006 Clearance These two days, his condition deteriorated rapidly, can see the time is getting shorter and shorter, and sometimes even most of the day is in a state of blindness, headache, dizziness and other symptoms are tortured all the time, but why his disarrayed body also Step on the foot, did not feel the place of spasm. cards against humanity kmart The hall suddenly rushed to urge the passengers boarding the radio, the grain of the mother is also standing not far from the quiet waiting, cards against humanity enjoy a gentle woman like water, presumably will be good on the grain it, you can rest assured cards against humanity Kwanzaa Suddenly, Murong remembered what, leaned over, opened the bag quickly turned inside, and then, took out a cards against humanity enjoy wrinkled envelope handed me Look, to cherish Leaving this unthinking sentence, she turned to the entrance. Granules We could not help but cry out loud. However, from our side through a figure let us forget the tears. Is Li Yan How can it be We do not have time to say to the people of the class ah Grain with us as surprised eyes wide open, watching him gradually approached, his face incredible. Li Yan put his hands on her shoulders, with I have never heard the solemn tone, said You are suitable for liberal arts, I will choose liberal arts, two years later, meet in Fudan, okay Tears drowning down, Murong grain broke down in tears I will give you write Ending, this end is perfect Sitting on the bus back, I have the mood to start Murong before leaving the envelope. Chongqing, a high G Ban.

Cards Against Humanity Enjoy usand why , all of you do not know not sure about the uncomfortable about me or on other people s things to ask clearly, understand. For what I know, I have nothing to do. The Well, first write here. Come back to see my dark circles can not laugh at me, I would like to take over the next few days in the N I certainly sleep well. I want to take a good plan, give you a long absence happy holiday Hin The window is still sunny, in that brilliant sunshine, I know, there is a boy waiting for me quietly, quietly, waiting for me, has been three years time. I also know that I have spent my habitual years, the future, will be like today s sunshine, full of hope, full of happiness. Fan outside Sweet Mayday Mayday, blue sky, washed like blue almost transparent. The streets of people such as weaving, a rare May holiday, it seems that the city s people are pouring out the door, the streets, shops, everywhere are crowded crowd. This is noisy and lively scenes this is my most do not like, come and go pedestrians are walking a firm pace, with their own clear direction, and exposure to crowded people in me, always so wandering, lonely, like a lost The same child, ca.y swear, to a lifetime guarding this, such as petals as beautiful and beautiful girl. So, he Chuaizhuo accumulated more than ten years of New Year s money, bought a golden ring, above a strange, will change the color of the gem. But he did not expect that when he opened cards against humanity enjoy the cashmere box, revealing the ring when the girl s face some stiff and unhappy. Finally, she still muffled accept it, but proudly raised his head. If I feel unhappy, it will give it back to you. The ring is not free to give it She did not know that he would only send a ring for a woman in his life. Later Later, the girl went to another school. Before going, put the ring, and all the things he gave her back. The woods, and never appeared her lively figure. The The The The The The The horizon of the sunset appeared, cards against humanity at walmart red like a maple leaf in the woods. The cool breeze cooled his hair. He gently stood up, shake off a yellow leaves. Next week test finished again, imagine the same as before, gently told the girl every question solution, look at the tangled eyebrows slowly stretch. A person s woods, always filled with memories of two people Dedicated to a 17 year old boy. eleven I w.