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Cards Against Humanity Ecards ask you to go. I was stunned, really do not understand how he would have such a strange request Why do you go I am not your family, nor is the performance of the Department, and even never had a host And you, How could it have such a decision He smiled and stared at my eyes First, I was our vice president of the student union, do have this decision, the second, your appearance clearance, I have seen you show, the typhoon also clearance, Stage fright third He paused, slightly to consider, slowly opening Third, Ning Xuan walk repeatedly asked me to take you from your own that closed space to bring you Learn to meet with more people, learn to adapt to this society. Eyes and not live up to the moist, and why I heard about his things, I will be so fragile Learn to adapt to this society he in the end to Zhao Yifeng said something What is he cards against humanity ecards like Finally put down my burden, to pursue their own happiness yet No, I m not qualified for heartache Arrogant stood up, almost knocked behind the chair, I panic to pack the book, trying to cover up the desperate full of hope. Catch a glimpse of Zhao Yifeng side of the figure, I had to vaguely lef.d of the familiar sound, the original should be clear and soft, but now it becomes hoarse The voice Hello, which Suddenly the palpitations, let me suddenly burst out of tears. His voice sounded so tired, totally without the glory of the past. Is it so serious All two weeks, it seems that there is no sign of improvement ah Why is it so careful Why do not you know how to take care of yourself Why let me so heartache Take the microphone a little more, try to calm down the mood. Took a deep breath, I opened the war war I am listening to Zhao Yifeng said, you are sick. The microphone came the breath of breathing around, causing a burst of violent cough. I am painful to close your eyes, that voice fiercely pulling my heart, big stars large tears hanging on the arm, flow to the palm of the hand, soaked with the number of small pieces of paper. Admit it, you never forget him. Everything he always can affect all your thoughts. I am fine, not very serious. He finally came along the gas, dry to say this Chongqing also cool it, you have to wear thick points, be careful cold. I suddenly laughed, can not suppress the laugh. This is Ning Xuan, one.

e lively. Perhaps the young is really the largest capital, no matter how serious trauma will gradually fade with the growth. The original color of cards against humanity ecards the heart, but also because of small meet, and feel happy. You have to buy flowers ah Ye Zhiqiu scratching the head, quite some complain You always put the flowers in the desk, and made me have this taste, and back to the bedroom was ridiculed a laugh I smiled at him and continued to pick bouquets in the basket. Today, the teacher drag hall, 20 minutes later classes, canteen has long been crowded into a needle, so I took him out to eat, by the way change the classroom classroom flowers. You have to thank me, to your dirty pigsty to bring some fresh air. This is much better than the air freshen it. Male dormitory dirty is we can not imagine, only know that they will regularly buy air freshener, Otherwise in the house even rice can cards against humanity ecards not eat. Well, is not it much more natural I took the wonderful flowers to his nose. It was better. He was not very frowned. I smiled and turned my head ready to pay. However, the two figures cards against humanity ecards in front of me so that I stopped all the action. A girl holding a lot of white flowers.little chance. I am sad. He struggled to move his legs down the pedal, remove the handrails, untie the straps, hold the wheelchair in one hand, hold the bed in one hand, and slowly move from cards against humanity ecards the skateboard. I quickly with a pillow pad in his waist, let him sit tight. He sat crooked and sat in his hands, his hands trying to hold the bed, two slender legs still along the bed along the bow on the ground, Hey, beautiful, can help out Of course, happy Half lying on the bed of him, seemed a lot easier. I want to drink soup. Want to drink soup Casually, what is your cooking Rare he would like to take the initiative to eat, I happily invited aunt to buy the material over, personally cook to his stewed black chicken soup, also fried two different dishes. Looking at him with gusto eating rice, I quietly pray that God can give us more time. Yan Yan, give me a laptop computer over. Why do you want to take a nap I have not done anything yet. Oh the original rush to discharge is not to accompany me, there is another reason, the loss I was moved to death Silly boy, I was in order to catch a good job to fight for more time to accompany you Look at his spirit is n.the opening of the opening glittering. Single cell animal I cursed in my heart, took her hand toward McDonald s walked. Do not worry about your business Eat a meal and go back to study late Do not leave this day and a half days Do not go so fast, it is difficult to eat out hey hey Nankai really school also wow Your former alma mater are so nice ah Behind the rush of the huge sound, I was surprised, turned around, bad, just the first year of high grade I have seen the original junior high school students Do not dare to do the delay, ready to carry the sandbag should immediately get into the restaurant. Do not ah I want to see so much seductive guy also Suddenly, the earthworms of the same Mu Rongqi stopped struggling, a familiar feeling from the back slowly attack the body, I try to tell myself this is just illusion, but Yes, there is a handsome guy staring at you ears gently sounded the voice of Murong granules. Take a deep breath and I turn around. Ning Xuan standing in the crowd, the sunset Jinhui dough in the tall body, pale gold hair, pale gold T shirt, star like eye, crazy wrapped around the wav.

Cards Against Humanity Ecards tsiders to give her some face, she is I have seen, a few in front of outsiders in particular to face the girls, the most face of a. Sometimes show selfish feelings, very low key. May be emotional girls will have it Tease her happy, say something jokes. Whether she had heard it or had funny, she laughed. Very cute She is a very troublesome guy, need someone in every possible way of care and tolerance. I have no qualifications to pay her all this, only you please, please your bedroom students to do all this, do her good friends will be very tired, but also very happy, I believe you have already realized this point. I hope you are happy to spend high school. Thank you deeply. Ning Xuan At the end of the letter there are several traces of tears dry, probably Murong read the letter after the passionate it Put the letter back to school bags, looked up and saw a childish face, eyes full of sorry. Nothing, I do not blame you. Class. Now the most important thing is to learn, I do not want to do other things, no energy to think. More reluctant to talk with a little boy love, I still confused, not to mention him Class to half, at cards against humanity third expansion the same table handed me a a difference, you can devote yourself to the Buddha. Head of the 19 year old sky, blue without a trace of impurities, there is no trace of life signs. You called Wang Wei A clear male voice in the head sounded. Looked up and saw a beautiful big boy, staring at me straight, eyes full of curiosity and interesting. Right. He glanced at the hands of his high teaching materials, to determine their own do not know this is not the boys. High school is one of the He was higher spirits, pulled the chair, cards against humanity first expansion self care to sit down, eyes did not leave my half moment. I m a bit bored, and this kind of courtship in the library every how to get your cards against humanity three tricks to make me feel bored, and this person seems to be too much, I have clear the details of the clear. Put the book into the bag, I intend to get up. Since there is no understanding, then there is no farewell to the necessary. I am Nankai Call Zhao Yifeng, is Ningxuan students As if a stone into the heart of the lake, stirring from the circle ripples. Is the name, but also because he, I will be remembered by all, really like a shadow, talking about him, will think of this. Some sad, is not it You have seen me I do not like.