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Cards Against Humanity 90s Expansion will not let you feel depressed again, and I will guard you well. I do not like liberal arts. History and politics I do not like, and I do not want to leave you, do not want to leave 303 do not want to leave Li Yan They do not want me no one wants me Now that there are my family to me, I of course will go with them the city so I am sad Like a wizard, suddenly broke into my gray forest, see a yellow withered scene, she said surprised No, this world does not belong to your age So, in her magic, my forest Began to Shu Shu, began grass long warbler fly. However, this time, the wizard fell ill, the virus s name is cold , is troubled by her long illness. Now, finally there is a fairy mother, perhaps, her illness has saved it Once again staring at this face, thank you, bring me joy. Send your birthday gift with it Although strongly control, but the eyes of the tears or accidentally fall. With the good. Choked, silent. So be it, that is my greatest happiness, give you, I hope your future will be happy. Be sure to be happy Never used to come back, we is always your loved onest hard. Do not be busy, there is rehabilitation in it. He was able to accurately grasp my hand, thick, warm. I suddenly do not want to let go. Know that he did not want me to see him embarrassed look, that I go first, we eat at night. After sleep, take advantage of the mother is not, I use a thermostat filled with a can of soup to the hospital. He was sleeping, very uncomfortable look, frowned, upper body in motion, may want to turn over, but can not turn. I slowly turn him over, hey, the back is soaked Really duty nurses know that he is not convenient but also to see the point. Well, lower extremity edema, it seems that he was very hard training today He had been injured for so long, the weight of the lower limbs and spine should not have such a big impact on him, but this time since the sick, interrupted the training in this area, the body function and abandoned, and now again, the reaction is more Strongly. Watching him hard to learn stand up, I have been thinking, what gave him so much power it Half an hour later, his hand touched the bed, I went up to him. He opened his eyes and looked at me fixedly. Are you wearing pink clothes Ah There i.

you Silly boy, do not busy, anyway, two legs are completely no hope, and now I hope I can see you clearly, to hug I got on the bed and kissed him warmly. Yan Yan, now my mind is really bad, while I am still sober, I give you account, okay Do not, I do not listen. I hastened to cover my ears, really hate my crow mouth. He moved his upper body, help me click on the back, waist a little pain. Oh, my hands immediately obediently want to help him stand up, I did not realize that he grabbed my hand, very serious, said Yan, you and I know that cards against humanity 90s expansion my time is not much, can not escape, you know I am not afraid of death, I am afraid you are too deep, if I really go, how do you do In this world, I can not let go of your heart At first I desperately fled, you I am really afraid you can not bear ah Originally you should be the age of the little girl by the prince care, rather than take care of my waste of waste of youth, all day fear. Harm you, it is me He said, tears dripping down to drop. Even know that they are seriously ill not shed tears of tears, at this time Yan Yan, my deposit is about one hundred thousand, these are my work when the deposit, the a.iday, March 10, 2006 Clearance Morning, I went to the nurses station to play the card, went to the ward. Push the door into, Yao Jie is to help him pull out the catheter. May be doing experiments used to seeing, did not feel anything, but he heard my footsteps, hand quickly took the quilt to cover the key parts. Haha haha you know that I come This is even under the ear roots are red. Yao sister rushed to the patrol room, explain me to help him out of urination. I do not have to, I do not force how to get your cards against humanity him, in my help, he successfully got on a wheelchair, I pushed him into the bathroom came out. These days his life habits gradually formed a biological clock, which are due to his strong adaptability, it really is a discipline force of the material, but now The whole morning I and he are in the ward, open the TV to him to listen to the news, to help him move about hands and feet, talking is also very interesting. cards against humanity 90s expansion When I was at lunch, I was ready to go for a hot meal in the room. Turned around a few steps, he asked You want to go out Oh, I always forget, he can not see what I am doing, all of a sudden I go away, he will be nervous. Yeah, get lu.e, it is enough But I can not close the circle of his neck hands, the real possession, I am eager for many years of practical I can not stop the throat whispered in the arms of their loved ones crying, and who, Not as a newborn baby like presumptuous To his moral, ethical, to his face, dignity here, is our station, record our bit by bit friendship, even if everything has been the sea, that summer memory, I will never forget Cheerful ringing suddenly sounded, and instantly all the fantasy fantasy destroyed. I am loosely surrounded, passers by ambiguous side of my face blush, over the head, quickly wipe the cheek of the tears, but that full of wetness, infiltration of the back of the hand, cards against humanity explaination but it is also how to wipe. I have to go. Ningxuan holding the phone, eyes as deep as the sea. Have to admit, from this moment, I am deeply jealous of the girl called Xiaoyuan. She is urging you that, go soon. Bite the lower lip, I try not to make their own jealousy performance was so obvious. This number, only you know. Slightly hoarse voice, only gently one, but in the heart of the lake from the lap of a lap more ripples. I.

Cards Against Humanity 90s Expansion time workers. One room two rooms, in front of a small garden. Green fabric sofa, in front of Zhang glass of coffee table. The furnishings are very simple and spacious, so that his wheelchair come and go freely, all the living facilities readily available. After a while he came out. To see him weakly leaning against the wheelchair, his hand on the steel ring so that the power of the way, the amount of hair on the dripping water. Heart tightly, pain, the proliferation of the entire chest. I am close to him, bent over, holding his hand, and he looks at him Let me take care of you, okay He stared at me, why are book a cards against humanity you so hard He did not move the mark and moved, trying to release. I put them on the handrail, helped his legs, and sat down at his feet, looking up I do not know, just want to be good to you, want to share all the good things for you, that is So simple. He is going to pull me up, but the waist is stiff and hard. The color of chagrin flew over his eyes. Oh I patted the ass and sat down on the couch, and he was flat. Clean and clear eyes, almost put me in. My physical condition, you do not know, how are you so silly, you know how to jump inside.think I m with Mogulong my acting is so clumsy A moment of language. A few times to find you borrow things, let me go to Mu grain, and then slow people know what you are thinking ah He stood up, slowly toward me, drowned in his tall figure. Dangerous breath. You really think I and her with Mu grain should not be 1 meter 60 it, so short, kissing have difficulties Oh. To you, very good For a time some silly, instinct to avoid him bullying, want to ask me the hands of Liu Hai. Trance caught something smashed in the past, I put the cards against humanity 90s expansion pencil on the table. The pen of the ink around the splash, a few drops of black ink droplets penetrate his coat, halo into ugly ugly pattern, as his heart. Dirty Head out of the classroom, there is his place to make me feel dirty. Deep sorrow from the heart gush, for Murong, for their own. How could such a person be confused Because of his appearance Because of his grades Excellent performance on behalf of his personality is also excellent Modest and courteous Tired to open the bedroom door, suddenly cards against humanity 90s expansion saw the balcony crouched little figure. Gently walked over, cards against humanity 90s expansion a face full of tears, red eyes, empty eyes looki.