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Cards Against Humanity 2016 Mu granules received Is someone else to her letter ah, why should give me Suddenly, my heart began to jump, the hands can not help trembling, this writing although scrawled, but this vigorous and powerful strokes, from the years of brush calligraphy skills that is, Ning Xuan. nine Outside the window is the rolling mountains, Castle Peak or Castle Peak Bored turned, the car is another hot scene. More than a dozen students occupy more than half of the rear, playing cards playing cards, chatting chat, do not care about other people in the car to vote for the eyes of surprise. Only to end a semester of crazy learning, and now even the principal standing in front of them will not lift the eyelids. This kind of enjoyable scene is very warm, but I do not want to play cards, do not want to chat, the original ready to sleep to the destination, but also constantly awakened. I began to deep regret, then should not promise Ye Qiqiu this little devil to travel. It was sent away Murong a week later cards against humanity update things. Under the physics class, I went to the office to find a teacher problem, until the class bell rushed back to the classroom after the rush. A.

e abandoned in the garbage. I did not expect do not know, that ring, was so solemn, so full of friendship Why, did not you tell me that Mixed emotions spread, happy, there are scared, more, is guilty. He chuckled, his eyes quiet. Love, can happen at the age of 16 Murmured like a whisper. I really do not understand I always thought that his dedication to me was supposed to be never get the best forever and I always thought that he was unforgettable to me, with his typical Cancer character related He huged my shoulder, I do not know how love is like when I look, I only know that since I like you, the eyes and then no less than other cards against humanity 2016 girls. This answer should be considered the most successful. Nestled in his arms, I was the happiest woman. What are they going to give May the sun, there is a mood, called sweet. text See you for the first time Thursday, March 6, 2006 Clearance I cards against humanity 2016 am a rookie, please exhibitions Again a 90 degree standard bow, facing me this airborne rookie , a cards against humanity 2016 room uncle uncle, aunt aunt who also do not know how to respond, but added from the old Daddy covered me a big pot stupid Y head, serious point I had to tem.nic. You you have seen Shao Yuan Zhao Yifeng hesitated asked, but also carefully looked at my face. Well, Christmas night, I ve seen her. At the moment, what can I say This discovery, actually let me some heartache. Perhaps my face is too heavy, Zhao Yifeng sighed, determined to tell me all the things Shao Yuan like Ning Xuan, this is almost the whole class of things, but she has always been crush, never She is the worst class girls in the class.As for Ning Xuan, I think everyone knows his mind, but I always think he saw Shao Yuan s eyes some strange, and now finally know the reason.Then, Shao Yuan followed Ning Xuan went to N, read the matriculation, but I can guarantee that they absolutely did not happen anything even if they are in the same city, Even if they come back together on Christmas you know, Ning Xuan, simply can not like others. Chisel words, frank eyes, Zhao Yifeng look upright. Such a boy, is not a lie. So, even he did not know Shao Yuan is Ningxuan girlfriend that is, that is simply a test of lies Suddenly, my mood is cards against humanity 9 days of kwanzaa like the clear sky in May, bright as wash. Taking advantage of such a rare brisk, I also.lling to install. Fortunately, the same table can not finish the topic, otherwise, long time I am afraid there is a danger of aphasia. In April, the school held a sports meeting. My first application to participate in the 1500 long distance running. Sports committee cards against humanity 2016 almost did not stare out of the eyeball. I want to punish myself. But I was wrong, the physical pain and can not release the deep heart of the heart can not open the sadness. When I spit at the finish line, sent to the school clinic, I lay on the bed, can not suppress the tears of his face. I remembered the pair full of worry and distressed eye, but the eyes of the owner, has come out of my life. Ye Zhiqiu and Wu Xiaoxian keep in my side, see my way are scared a big jump. The former wind and fire ran out to find a doctor the latter sitting on cards against humanity detail the bed, hesitantly, and finally shook his head, low can not smell the sigh. In May, gardenia spilled over the city. It is my favorite fragrance, elegant and long. Every time you go out to eat will hold a bunch of back to the bedroom, and then the next week, my clothes will be with the same faint aroma. It makes my heart so badly up, people are mor.

Cards Against Humanity 2016 Hear the footsteps, he turned around Do you know Ah Eyes burst into tears like a burst of liquid. Quietly finished meal, I gave him massage the abdomen, the hair fell to cover my line of sight, stopped, lifted to the ear. I know that his sight has not left me. Probably because I was the first person to see after he was blind I comfort myself. 11 Friday, March 24, 2006 Rain The nursing home side soon sent someone to come to do formalities, I helped him in the room to clean up personal belongings. After the sleep, try to stand up, but also with the mat to the legs up the pad. When the wheelchair to take a blanket cover, pay attention to the legs warm The most important thing, when people need help, do not be afraid cards against humanity 2016 of trouble others. Ramble a lot, no one should be I got it back. He sat in a wheelchair and looked at me deeply. I went over to help him leaning forward to the side of the legs, covered with blankets, I am free to see you in the past, be sure to be careful, okay Well, thank you for so many days to take care Are you my brother, can you take care Ha ha After he left, I sat in the ward. Look at this room, full of me and his memory, some. $txt2 = join(\"\",$atxtArray);