The University of Mindanao has 11 Colleges and 2 Schools. To wit:

College of Accounting Education (CAE)


College of Arts & Sciences Education (CASE)

The College of Arts and Sciences Education is the most diverse academic unit of UM. Its academic programs seek for advancement of excellence and are firmly committed to academic freedom, creative thought, open and vigorous intellectual inquiry, high standards of academic responsibility and respect for diversity.

The English, Mass Communication and Political Science programs are the first in Mindanao to be granted Level III Accreditation by PACUCOA.

The College offers two new programs (effective S.Y. 2013-2014), the BS in Biology and the AB in Multimedia Arts. UM is the first school in Mindanao to offer the ABMMA degree program.

College of Architecture and Fine Arts Education (CAFAE)

The University of Mindanao is the first to offer an Architecture Program in Davao region. It is accredited Level III by PACUCOA – the first Architecture school in the country granted PACUCOA Accreditation.

College of Health Sciences Education (CHSE)

It has a pool of highly competent faculty members who have wide experience in teaching and actual practice of their profession. It has established linkages with hospitals in the region for the actual learning experiences of the students.

Effective June 2013, the College offers the 4-year Bachelor of Science in Midwifery program.

College of Engineering Education (CEE)

The premier Engineering School in the region with its Electrical Engineering Program being the first to be granted Level IV Accreditation by PACUCOA. The Computer Engineering Program of the College is granted Center of Development (COD) Status by CHED. The UM’s membership to the elite ASEAN International Mobility of Students (AIMS) is because of the untarnished reputation of its Engineering programs, the only university in the region that is qualified to be a member of AIMS.

OBE Framework
Educational Objectives
Student Outcomes
College of Business Administration Education (CBAE)

The College of Business Administration Education prepares individuals for success in a global society by offering business education that integrates theory and practice, instills practical knowledge and skills, including the use of information technology, preparing for life-long learning, and building enduring relationships with students, alumni, and extended community. UM is the only school in Mindanao granted Center of Development by CHED for its Business and Management programs.

The Bachelor of Science in Legal Management is the newest program of the College making UM the 6th school in the country offering the program.

College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE)

It is the premier and the biggest Criminology School in Davao region. It is the first Criminology school in Mindanao granted Level III Accreditation by PACUCOA Accreditation. The UM Criminology licensure examination passing percentage average for the last three years 78.02% against the national passing average of 35.92%. It has produced the region’s topnotchers in the Criminologists’ Licensure Examination.

College of Teacher Education (CTE)

The College has received a number of recognitions as manifestation of its high standards and quality instruction, research and extension. It is awarded Center of Excellence by CHED, Level III Accreditation by PACUCOA and Center of Teacher Training by DepEd. CTE is also the producer of the region’s board placers in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

College of Hospitality Education (CHE)

The College of Hospitality Education aims to produce working professionals who are equipped with skills and capacities for the hospitality and tourism industries. This college brought several achievements to the University in the different competitions in the regional and national levels.

College of Computing Education (CCE)

The College of Computing Education maintains its reputation as one of the best computer school in the region. The College is composed of highly qualified faculty members who are skilled and equipped with the updated skills in the different fields of computer studies. It has forged collaboration with Apple, Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

College of Legal Education (CLE)

The College adopts a flexible and creative learning approach. It has a pool of dynamic faculty with expertise in a broad range of legal fields.

It has established the University of Mindanao Legal Advocacy Network (ULAN), a community extension program supported by the United States of America through the provision of research and educational materials.

Technical School

The Technical School aims to enhance the skills of students, making them highly employable.

The School has forged a partnership with various industries for actual learning experience of the students. It has also produced passers in different TESDA exams and other government licensure exams. The UM Technical-Vocational School has campuses located in Bangoy, Davao City.

Graduate School

The UM Graduate School is the first in the region to be granted Accreditation by any accrediting agency. It is also the largest graduate school in the region.