Official Statement from the Administration

The University of Mindanao’s Official Statement on the Competency Appraisal Incident at UM Digos College.

The University of Mindanao is cognizant of the events surrounding the complaints of parents and students in the UM-Digos College with regard to the results of the Competency Appraisal course in education.

The public need to be informed that the Competency Appraisal courses in various disciplines with licensure examinations are part of the curriculum approved by the Commission on Higher Education. It is like any subject or course in the curriculum that the students need to enrol and pass as a requirement for graduation.

As part of the curriculum, the parents have given their consent during regular parents’ orientations and assemblies. All the students in the university are properly informed and oriented about the curricular requirements, including those of the Competency Appraisal courses.

The university stands firm in the delivery of educational services in the highest possible standards. While it adopts open education, the university is committed to quality education and prepare students to graduate with all the necessary learning competencies. It also adopts and promotes outcomes-based education and thus, students’ performance is expected to be properly demonstrated, measured and assessed.

The standards in UM-Digos College are the same standards applied in all UM colleges and branches. There are also available remedies for those affected, while those who passed and graduated already can attest to these standards.

Finally, UM is doing its best to deliver on its commitment. However, the university does it best in an environment that is conducive in an atmosphere of dialog rather than in a rowdy and disorderly manner.

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