University of Mindanao has back-to-back top placers in LET, NLE

Graduates from the University of Mindanao placed back-to-back top placer results in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) and Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE) released last Friday, Dec .7.

A total of 22 Umians were in the top spots of the LET, with Samuel John Parreño from the UM Digos College topping the LET for Secondary Level with a score of 92.80, followed by Melyn Joy Canomay from UM Digos at second place with 92.60, Arnie Boy Guitguit from UM Davao at the fourth spot with 92.20, Ellen Mae Gonato from UM Digos with 92, Nessie Bem Bersabe from UM Digos ,Shawn CJ Colman and Joseph Roi Makiling from UM Davao sharing the sixth spot with a score of 91.80, Jeramie Corsonado from UM Davao and Nahur Hasan from UM Digos at the seventh spot 91.60, Clement John Cordova from UM Panabo, Diane Fe Galan from UM Davao, and Mhel Karyl Wabingga from UM Davao at the eighth spot with 91.40, Abbie Hazel Suganan from UM Davao and Tom Paulie Tongol from UM Tagum at the ninth spot with a score of 91.20, and Ma. Julianne Kristine Cosning from UM Davao, Anjie Dumlao from UM Tagum, Ellen Grace Micutan from UM Davao, and Merjun Tugnao from UM Digos sharing the tenth spot with a score of 91.

According to the Professional Regulation Commission, the September 2018 LET exams saw 60,803 secondary teachers out of 126,582 examinees successfully pass the exam. The PRC added that 52,453 passers are first timers and 8,350 are repeaters.

For the Elementary Level, at the fifth spot is Jessah Ferras from UM Tagum with a score of 88.60, and sharing the seventh spot is Jilliene Samantha Napil and Fretchil Tadle from UM Davao with 88.20, and at the eighth place is Jhea May Damo from UM Digos with a score of 88.

A total of 18,409 elementary teachers out of 90,750 examinees successfully passed the examinations, with the PRC adding that out of the total that passed, 17,200 are first timers and 1,209 are repeaters.

The September 2018 LET exams were held in testing centers in the country, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

University president Dr. Guillermo P. Torres Jr celebrated the feats, calling the 22 LET board passers ‘a first’ in the school’s history.

It can be remembered as well that the school earned a citation from the local government as well as the PACUCOA for the performance of its students in the March 2017 LET, where seven Umians dominated the top ten spots for Secondary Level examinations.

For the NLE meanwhile, Shiela Mae Peralta earned her spot in the top 10 examinees nationwide with a score of 85.20, placing her at the eighth spot.

UM’s performance in the NLE clocked in at 100% (10/10 examinees) for first time takers, and 91.67% (11/12 examinees) overall, compared to the average national passing rate of only 39.99%.

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