Exciting new programs open for SY 2018-2019

The University of Mindanao expands its roster of programs to provide more educational opportunities for college students looking to experience the signature quality, affordability, and open education of the university.

The College of Architecture and Fine Arts Education will now be offering Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning, a program crafted to teach the basics and intricacies of urban planning and land use.

The College of Health Science Education will offer the following programs: BS in Nutrition and Dietetics, Medical Technology, and Pharmacy.

New programs under the College of Accounting Education include BS in Accounting Information System, Management Accounting, and Internal Auditing.

Meanwhile, there are also expanded options for majors under the BS Civil Engineering Program of the College of Engineering Education: Structural, Water Resource, Transportation, and Geotechnical engineering.

Several programs already established in the university will also revise their titles to fit more with the changing times; a move that is a testament to the university’s pledge of dynamism and relevance.

The program formerly known as Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication under the College of Arts and Sciences Education is now the Bachelor of Arts in Communication

The following programs under the College of Teacher Education have also undergone changes: from Bachelor in Elementary Education- Pre- School, it will now be Bachelor in Early Childhood Education; from Bachelor in Elementary Education- Special Education, it is now Bachelor in Special Needs Education, with majors either in Elementary School Teaching or Early Childhood Education. Lastly, from Bachelor in Secondary Education major in Biological Science, it will now be Bachelor in Secondary Education, major in Science.

The largely popular Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management of the College of Hospitality Education has also undergone a change to Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management.

The University of Mindanao is eager to open its doors to students as it embarks on tackling changes and various improvements, all with the goal to become better for the community it is serving.

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