Learn about different cultures and experiences on Mobility Day

Students are encouraged to attend the festivities planned on Mobility Day, a gathering of the University of Mindanao’s foreign students and outbound exchange students as they share their cultures and experiences through food, music, and discussions.

The 2-day event is set on March 8- 9, 2018 at GET Building, and will open at 8:30am with a food bazaar, exhibits of the foreign students’ various cultures, and to be exhibited as well are the outbound exchange programs of the External Relations and International Affairs Office.

Mobility Day has served as an avenue where outbound exchange students can share their experiences of their semester abroad, and possibly encourage other students to do their best at applying for the programs.

It is also an opportunity for foreign students to mingle more with other students as well as with each other in a relaxed manner, while also having the chance to speak about their country, and the culture that they grew up in.

Other fun activities include the Mr. and Ms. Mobility Day pageant, and talent showcases.

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