UM- IPO finds Davaoenos still trust Paolo Duterte as a leader

A majority of respondents surveyed by the University of Mindanao’s Institute of Popular Opinion found that former Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte was still a trusted leader and authority figure despite his resignation out of ‘delicadeza’ due to public and personal matters.

Out of a population of 1, 200 respondents, 696 (58%) said they still trusted Duterte as a leader, and IPO noted this was even as he was out of the public eye following his resignation.

This was followed by 241 (20%) respondents who said they lost trust in him, while 205 (17%) were undecided, and 58 (5%) deigned to answer.

However, while a majority of the respondents still held trust in the former vice mayor as a leader, they did not find that city council would become inutile without him; as 567 (47%)  respondents said city council will still function effectively, while only 354 (29%) said the local council would not be the same without him.

UM-IPO believes that Duterte’s trust rating can still be utilized effectively if the proper machinations are put in effect, if he chooses to do so.

The study also found that over half of those surveyed found his resignation unnecessary; numbering at 651 (54%) of the respondents. Meanwhile, 405 people (34%) supported his decision to give up his seat on account of his name being brought up in highly publicized cases, as well as the public spat within his family.

The survey was conducted from January 10 to February 8.

Duterte submitted his resignation as vice mayor last December 25, 2017, and currently sitting as vice mayor is Councilor Bernard Al-ag, who will serve the remainder of Duterte’s term.

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