UM offices lead in waste management

A greener and more efficient University of Mindanao is envisioned as offices and colleges implement environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways to dispose of everyday trash.

As paper is the most common everyday waste in offices, UM’s offices  are now simply placing aside their used bond papers, scratch papers, and other paper detritus, so it can be collected and sold periodically as recycling material. The mandate also includes that of plastic water, juice, and soda bottles, which are other common wastes generated daily.

The income generated from the sale of these used material will then be used for the needs of the UM Administrative Employees Association, which regularly conducts community extension services.

Aside from instilling mindfulness of the waste generated every day, the practice also saves the university a significant amount monthly, as hauling the trash generated can become expensive for any institution.

Students are also encouraged to be conscious of their waste management habits, as there are bins around the campuses that indicate how your trash should be segregated.

A cleaner campus is beneficial to us, and in our own ways we can contribute to a greener Davao city.

About the author: Salud Petalcorin