Online Evaluation of Teachers by Students rolls out, full implementation set early next school year

The University of Mindanao through its Human Resource Development Office (HRDC) and Quality Management Office (QMO) recently rolled out the new system that will enable students to simply go on the Internet to give their evaluation of the professors’ teaching performance.

The online ETS is seen to give a more accurate evaluation of teaching personnel, as well as do away with the costly and non environmentally-sound traditional method of paper based reviews and evaluation.

It is efficient, cleaner, and information is easier to manage and store.

The university also obtained 150 electronic tablets that will be used exclusively for the ETS, which is conducted toward the end of every term.

The pilot testing was done on five classrooms of the College of Business Administration Education with an average of fifty students per class last Tuesday, January 30; and while many reported that the system was fairly easy to deal with and answer, certain issues like Internet speed was brought up which caused the page to load slowly.

These issues have been taken by the HRDC and QMO, and students can expect a better experience on the next phase of testing on March 7, 2018 at Bolton campus.

According to the QMO, full university-wide implementation of the online ETS is set early next school year.

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