Professional Schools Day on January 20

Students of the University of Mindanao’s Professional Schools graduate programs are in for a day of healthy competition and camaraderie as they stage PS Day on January 20, Saturday.

PS Day opens at 6:30am with a parade showcasing the colors of the different teams assembled across all the masteral and doctorate levels.

There are also different contests lined up: cheers and yells, on the spot photography, quiz bowls, and then some; lined up for the whole day entertainment of students. The event serves as an avenue where students can get to know each other better outside of their once-a- week classroom setting, and to foster the necessary bonds they will need as they weather the challenges and rewards of their chosen program.

Of course, everybody will also get to sit down for old-school style boodle fight food fest that will be sure to bring everyone closer and create lasting friendships.

The Professional Schools is located at the UM Matina campus and is the first graduate school in the region granted accreditation, as well as being the largest graduate school in the region.

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