Externship Program first batch starts training with partner agencies

The first batch of students to sign up for the Externship Program of the University of Mindanao began their deployment to selected partner agencies Thursday, June 8.The Externship Program aims to expose students early on in their college education to the possible workplaces that their chosen course will open up for them, in a bid to lessen incidences of students suddenly shifting courses midway in their program because they have found that it was not the best suited for them.

It is similar to internship programs except that there are no credits earned for the student, and will last for a shorter duration.

According to the External Relations and International Affairs Office, four Accountancy students were deployed to SSS Ilustre branch, and another batch is up for assignment at the Department of Trade and Industry on June 14.

The Externship Program was launched last April with the attendance of UM’s selected partner agencies from the private and government sectors.

About the author: Salud Petalcorin