Origiral Cards Against Humanity

Origiral Cards Against Humanity usand why , all of you do not know not sure about the uncomfortable about me or on other people s things to ask clearly, understand. For what I know, I have nothing to do. The Well, first write here. Come back to see my dark circles can not laugh at me, I would like to take over the next few days in the N I certainly sleep well. I want to take a good plan, give you a long absence happy holiday Hin The window is still sunny, in that brilliant sunshine, I know, there is a boy waiting for origiral cards against humanity me quietly, quietly, waiting for origiral cards against humanity me, has been three years time. I also know that I have spent my habitual years, the future, will be like today s sunshine, full of hope, full of happiness. Fan outside Sweet Mayday Mayday, blue sky, washed like blue almost transparent. The streets of people such as weaving, a rare May holiday, it seems that the city s people are pouring out the door, the streets, shops, everywhere are crowded crowd. This is noisy and lively scenes this is my most do not like, come and go pedestrians are walking a firm pace, with their own clear direction, and exposure to crowded people in me, always so wandering, lonely, like a lost The same child, ca.tside is very cards against humanity 5th expansion review good I am so bored good and evil, and finally wait until he nodded. I know, in fact, he did not want to go out, just afraid of trouble to others. I went to borrow a wheelchair, slowly helped him up, pulled his hand on my shoulder, his other hand on the bed, and then forced together, finally took him into the. His waist did not feel, can not balance, I had to use a fixed belt to keep his waist fixed, let him slide down. Put a blanket on his lap. Came to the garden, the sun in the sun shines on the body warm. I let him stand up with a cane and I lean in front. His T4 parts of the following is a complete dysfunction, slender legs shaking, the soles of the feet a little bit sagging, little effort did not drag on the grass, the whole person is a pair cards against humanity tumblr of crutches hold up, hard to stand , the fundamental One step can not go. But lower extremity weight loss can slow the occurrence of osteoporosis, activities can improve the blood, lymph circulation, promote the two will be excreted, and give him the feeling of walking upright, resulting in a strong psychological support. So despite hardships, or to do. Fortunately, these he ha.

}poured from the head of a bucket of ice water, cool to the heart. Yes, we had nothing, was not it Everything is back to the origin. 17 Wednesday, April 12, 2006 These days I was waiting for his phone, yes, I bet on him in the end there is no care about me, even when I was a sister Ye Hao. Dad may have received any wind in the hospital, knocking on the sidelines to stab me, my mother sitting in the side, and did not speak. I understand what they mean. I am a solitary daughter, has always been a favor in one, my parents want me to marry a healthy, optimistic, rich, pamper my husband, good has been happy to go on. It was hard to let them accept the fact that I fell in love with a bad man. But love is love, and this is not within my control, I have no way I can not stay home, I want to run back to school for a few days. Is indeed my parents, know that I want to calm, not only do not stop, but also personally drove me back to the dormitory. 18 Saturday, April 15, 2006 Do not have to work today, in the dormitory also stuffy panic, simply a person stroll on the street. Unknowingly came to the shopping center, familiar places, familiar people flow, but on.re is no life to the hospital The I really want to let my dad travel guy On the 25th floor, open the ward door, a look, that guy still sleep Nine o clock, not like his style. Hey, how do you wear an oxygen hood How is it so bad I went to the nurses to find Yao sister, Yao sister is ready to get off work. I m trying to find you What happened to him Yesterday was good. Yesterday, his colleagues came to visit him, the original lung infection of the patient is not a guest, he insisted to hide them, may be invaded by foreign bacteria. Speaking of him really a belly fire He was three or four o clock last night, his trachea suddenly choked choked, breathing blocked, causing a serious palpitations, but fortunately someone was found in time, was rescued. Otherwise today he absolutely can not have a substantial action, otherwise I can hear the heart of the cold, he almost He was lying weakly on the bed, his pale face seemed to blend with the big pillow, and the chest rushed with a faint range. He woke up He nodded slightly, you cough cough cough cough cough I quickly tapped his lower chest, and then called a nu.

Origiral Cards Against Humanity the opening of the opening glittering. Single cell animal I cursed in origiral cards against humanity my heart, took her hand toward McDonald s walked. Do not worry about your business Eat a meal and go back to study late Do not leave this day and a half days Do not go so fast, it is difficult to eat out hey hey Nankai really school also wow Your former alma mater are so nice ah Behind the rush of the huge sound, I was surprised, turned around, bad, just the first year of high grade I have seen the original junior high school students Do not dare to do the delay, ready to carry the sandbag should immediately get into the restaurant. Do not ah I want to see so much seductive guy also Suddenly, the earthworms of the same Mu Rongqi stopped struggling, a familiar feeling from the back slowly attack the body, I try to tell myself this is just illusion, but Yes, there is a handsome guy staring at you ears gently sounded the voice of Murong granules. Take a deep breath and I turn around. Ning Xuan standing in the crowd, the sunset Jinhui dough in the tall body, pale gold hair, pale gold T shirt, star like eye, crazy wrapped around the wav.honors and princes have she won I have countless numbers. Can only recall preorder a cards against humanity that whenever the curtain on the stage opened, whenever you hear the loud voice The following is Nankai high school violin Qi , the heart filled with deep pride, sense origiral cards against humanity of responsibility, because I was Nankai people However, a transcript, thin as a wing, easy, deprived me as the right of Nankai people, denied my three years of all efforts, life and life to me out of the door of Nankai. Holding it away from the school that moment, I know, no longer able to return to the same identity here, and I know, since then, I just outside the campus hurriedly passing the street, across the walls origiral cards against humanity of the stone bar, Sound, light laughter Memory tide, causing a burst of dizzy, chest nausea, leaning on the wall, my weak eyes closed once again overestimate their own. How could the pain be healed so soon Still can not accept ah Wang Wei sharp soprano sounded. Do not have to see, is to know the junior high school long Pang Yue. I opened my eyes and my heart began to be silent for myself. Pang Yue, He Wen, Lu Mingchuan, Qi Zhe like my junior high school all the buddies hav.